Second-2-None: Week of January 17

In Religion, we talked about Mass in general. We looked very closely the Eucharistic Prayer and how it is a reminder of the Last Supper. We also spend time on our Second Step program, which is a social-emotional program. This week, we spent a lot of time talking about how we treat each other respectfully and kindly with both our words and actions. Next week, we will begin looking at the introduction to Mass.  

In Phonics, we continue reading and writing words with consonant digraphs. With completing our story about Theodore Roosevelt and learning about text features, we will create a lapbook on text features about ourselves. That will begin next week and take several days to complete. Cursive is getting there, which is expected. Some just need to remember to slow down and watch the slant. The slant is so much easier to make if the undercurve truly swings out. 

In Math, we continue to add 3-digit addends. What I have noticed most often is that students forget to write the regrouped number. So, the answer will be wrong. The other most common mistake is adding incorrectly. That is why it really helps to practice basic math facts so that they become automatic. Word problems continue to be a struggle for so many! We will continue to work on these throughout the school year. When we do them together, I model the steps out loud repeatedly with the hopes that they imitate that on their own.  

We finished Unit 2 of Social Studies. The test on Unit 2 will be Wednesday, January 26. Please be sure your child studies a little each day. We are also doing lots of reviewing in class. The textbook and a study packet went home on Wednesday to begin studying. Next week, we will move back to science, where we will look closely at plants. 

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  • How’s the ancestor project going? The planning sheet is going home today to begin the presentation frame paper, which also is going home today. The final presentation frame paper (which will be written by using the planning sheet) will be due Thursday, January 27. We will use that on Thursday to write the final paper in class, in paragraph form. It’s copied right from the presentation frame. So, please make sure your child writes clear complete sentences. The completed doll will be due Wednesday, January 26. These will be displayed at the Open House during Catholic Schools’ Week for all to enjoy! 
  • Catholic Schools’ Week is fast approaching. Look for information next week on the special activities we will have during the week to celebrate our school. 
  • St. Cletus is gearing up for its Spring Auction, which is on Saturday, April 2. So, mark your calendars and plan to join your fellow Cletus families (adults only) for a great night Under the Big Top 
  • Please make sure that your child has extra masks in their backpack that fit well 
  • Also, please make sure to pack a water bottle that he/she can refill throughout the day. Thank you!