Second-2-None: Week of January 24

We’ve begun to look at the Mass very closely, in preparation for First Holy Communion. With our Second Step program, we talked about a particularly important theme, impulsiveness. We watched a video about a little girl who acted impulsively. We spoke about patience, calming down techniques, etc. The Opt Out form for the Growing with God was due today. We will begin with lesson 1 next week.  

We finished Chapter 4 of Shurley English and will move on to prepositions soon. We also practice correcting sentences together. We also continue to identify and read words with consonant digraphs. We have been focusing on nonfiction text features this week in Reading, and we have talked about how it helps us to understand the text.  

In Math, we have moved on from 3-digit addition to 3-digit subtraction. Subtraction has proven to be more difficult for many. It typically is due to mistakes like forgetting to regroup or computation. I remind them daily to work slowly and double-check. Please do so at home too.  

We’ve moved on to science this week, looking at plants. We will look at the plant life cycle, parts of a plant, etc.  

The Bee // Extra! Extra! — The Bee // Storytelling in SLC

  • Next week, we celebrate Catholic Schools’ beginning with Mass and Open House on Sunday. Please use the following link to see the week’s schedule. National Catholic Schools Week plan 2022
  • How are Cardinal raffle sales going? Thank you in advance for your fundraising efforts!!
  • Hopefully, the weather will become more agreeable to going outside. Please be sure your child dresses appropriately for the cold in case we do go out.