Second-2-None: Week of January 31

With two snow days this week, this week’s update is not very long. 

In Religion, we had two Second Step lessons this week. We focused on how to calm ourselves, practiced the techniques, etc. We also talked about how it can be difficult to be patient. Since we didn’t have school on Wednesday or Thursday, we will begin Growing with God Lesson 1 next week.  

In Grammar, we finished chapter 4. The next chapter has us continue classifying what we already do, but it starts a focus on nouns. We will learn what singular and plural nouns are, as well as common and proper. They will be expected to distinguish between those. In Phonics, we will soon be wrapping up our unit with consonant blends, digraphs, bossy r, etc. Once we start the new unit, it will focus on contractions. The class is working very hard on the Nonfiction Text Features flipbook. We’ll finish next week. Please make sure your child knows his/her birthday, as that will be the first event on the timeline. If you can, let them know when they first learned to walk, ride a bike, lost a tooth, etc. Your child can add those momentous events to the timeline. 

In Math, we will be wrapping up chapter 6 next week. Then we will begin our chapter on money. We will focus on coins and dollar bills in second grade. To get a head start, take out a handful of coins and talk about them. The more familiar they are, the better it is. 

Science has us still looking at plants. We will learn the life cycle of a plant, as well as the parts of a plant. To help remember plant parts, we will create a diagram of a plant with the parts labels and jobs identified.  

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  • What a Catholic Schools’ week it was! Two snow days … on Student and Teacher Appreciation Days. I will let you know about the Student Appreciation Day redo once I have that information. We will have our Buddy get together on whatever day that is.  
  • Remember the festivities continue tomorrow with Celebrate Our Families. Do something fun together as a family and post a picture onto our school Facebook page.  
  • How are the raffle tickets sales going? They are due back to school by February 8 at 3PM. So, that gives you a few more days! Thank you in advance for helping our school.