Second-2-None: Week of January 6, 2020

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This week in Religion, we talked about kindness, which was the theme for our Mass today. We spent multiple days in church practicing and singing so that we were prepared for our Mass celebration. The next Mass for which 2nd grade prepares is May Crowning, along with the 8th graders. Of course, First Communion will be right before that as well.

In Language Arts, we continue to classify sentences, looking at complete subjects and complete predicates. We began to do really look at nouns by determining what the noun job is, if it’s singular or plural, and if it’s common or proper.  We’ve moved on from consonant blends to consonant digraphs in Phonics. The class enjoyed reading a story about Susan B. Anthony this week in Reading. We compared and contrasted different characters within the story as well as looked at a timeline. We’ve begun creating our very own Non-Fiction Text Features lap book to help us remember what they are.

Three-digit addends is our current topic in math. We have learned that the steps don’t really change. In about the middle of the chapter, we will switch gears to subtracting two 3-digit numbers. Are you practicing basic math facts? Knowing them really will help your child.

During Science, we have talked about the basic needs of a plant, along with the parts of a plant. We’ve learned how each part plays a special part in the life of a plant. The test for Unit 4 will be next week, and then we will move back to Social Studies.