Second-2-None: Week of March 22

In Religion we continued to talk about Mass, looking more closely at the Liturgy of the Eucharist. We will be talking about the Triduum next week and Easter, as we approach the final days of lent this year.

The class has finished Chapter 8 in Math with the test today and will continue with measurement next week in Chapter 9. However, now they will be looking at using the metric system. Though addition and subtraction chapters are completed, please continue to review basic facts.

We have been learning so much about natural disasters in our Reading program by reading 2 texts, Danger! Earthquakes and Disaster Alerts. After reading these two stories, the class created an informative poster telling about one of the disasters. Phonics has us continuing to look at vowels. This week focused on vowel digraphs. Our Shurley English program this week had us learning about supporting and non-supporting details, as well as our usual classifying sentences.

Second grade has finished talking about our government, ending with the unit test. Next we will delve into our country’s history, starting with Native Americans and then on to explorers. We will continue to learn about this until the Easter break and wrap up after we return.