Second-2-None: Week of May 10

In Religion, we are finishing up talking about the Church. We’ve looked at the role of bishops and the Pope. We’ve also talked about how there are Catholics all over the world, celebrating the same beliefs.

We’ve had so much fun learning about pioneer days with the last two stories. We’ve finished “Going West” which was about a family venturing out to make a new home in the. It was great that reading about this in reading class coincided with the same topic in Social Studies. We continue to classify sentences in Grammar, practice our vocabulary, and study subject-verb agreement. In Phonics, the class had a chance to take what they learned about homonyms and create a picture sentence on a pair of homonyms. Over the last few weeks, we will review Phonics through fun activities like this.

We are enjoying learning about different three dimensional shapes in Math. Afterwards, we will move on to fractions. We will finish the chapter with a fun hands-on activity.

WEATHER! That’s the topic in Science. We’re learning about the different seasons, the characteristics of each, how weather can change, etc. It’s so much fun learning about it all. The test will be at the end of next week or early the following week. We will finish the year doing some various activities both Science and Social Studies centered.