Second-2-None: Week of May 16

During Religion we’re continuing our Second Step by talking about what to do if we feel left out. We’ll wrap up this program next week. In our text, we are talking about how different people serve God in different ways. After finishing that up, we will focus on the Blessed Mother through the end of the school year.  

In Grammar, we continue to classify sentences through the prepositional phrase. They’ve become pretty good at this skill of identifying parts of speech. In Phonics, we continue looking at different sounds of vowels, having defined vowel pair and vowel digraphs. Next week, we will be looking at vowel diphthongs. Our last Spelling test will be on Monday, 5/23. They are the words from this week. In Reading, we will have one more story, which is again about Johnny Appleseed. However, this one is from a different author and told in a different way. So, it will give us the opportunity to compare the two books about him. 

Next week, we will move on to fractions in Math. We will finish the text next week and have the final math test on Friday, May 27. That test will cover geometry and fractions.  

We will wrap up Science next week, with the test towards the later part of the week. The test will be an open book test, since they will not have the amount of time that I usually give to review.  

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  • Next week will be the final week of homework. So, if your child hasn’t used the Homework Pass from Christmas, next week would be a suitable time. 
  • For those of you going to the Daddy/Daughter Dance tonight, have a wonderful time. The girls came in talking about it this morning and were SOOOO excited. 
  • Next Thursday, May 26, there will be a $1 Dress Down to help support the new sound system in church. 
  • What a perfect day we had on Tuesday for the extra recess time. The weather was PERFECT! Thank you again to the Hernandez Family for their generosity. 
  • As it gets warmer, please remember to send in a refillable water bottle with your child. They need to stay hydrated on the warmer days. 
  • You may start sending back the Children’s Bible. I’ll send a formal letter home next week about it.