Second-2-None: Week of May 23

We are all finished with our Second Step program, but I hope they continue to use what they learned. This program is used throughout 8th grade, building upon the skills year to year. We will finish our text next week by discussing how we can all share love and respect. 

Though we will not learn any new skills next week in Grammar, we will continue to classify sentences and review our vocabulary. In Phonics, we will finish the year up with vowel diphthongs. In Reading, we read our last story about a pioneer family, in which we focused on the various points of view in a story. 

Today we took our final Math test. We will continue to have Math next week, but they will be fun activities reviewing the various skills learned this year. 

This week in Social Studies, we learned about three Native American tribes; Powhatan, Sioux, and Pueblo. We also tied in what we learned about pioneers from our reading stories. 

Important Date Clipart

  • Yesterday, Mr. Keeley visited our class to present a lesson in economics. It was wonderful! The class really enjoyed the visit and learned so much. Mr. Keeley taught us about supply/demand, how choices affect the economy, consumers, business, government, exports/imports, not to mention stocks and trading. It was amazing, and the kids loved it! Thank you so much, Mr. Keeley, for taking time out of your day to teach us this important life lesson! 
  • Next week is the last week of school. There are a few things going on, so be sure to look at the calendar. Here are some few dates to remember. 
  • No school on Monday, May 30. 
  • Tuesday, May 31, is the last day of school uniforms. 
  • Wednesday, June 1, is SPIRIT WEAR DRESS DOWN. We will be cleaning our room thoroughly.  
  • Thursday, June 2, is the Year End celebration with some fun games and a special lunch. The second-grade class voted to wear RED. So please have your child wear something in red.  
  • On the Year End Celebration Day, June 2, it is just ONE hot dog, chips and a popsicle. Please send in other food for your child.  
  • Also, please remember to send in $2 per student for the hot dog lunch. 
  • On the Year End Celebration Day, June 2, PLEASE be sure to send a large refillable water bottle for your child. They will be allowed to carry it around outside while playing the games.  
  • Friday, June 3, is the last day of school. (I know! I can’t believe it either!) It is a DRESS-UP day, with Mass at 9:30 AM and an 11AM dismissal.