Second-2-None: Week of May 24

Though we are close to the end, our second graders continue to work hard. In Religion, we continue our last unit which focuses on the Church and how we serve others. Next week, we will have the chance to learn about some Saints, starting with the Queen of Saints, Mary.

In Grammar, we have classified sentences through the week, completed noun charts, and practiced subject-verb agreement. This was a challenging program, but it builds a wonderful foundation. This week was our last week for spelling. Though we may do some spelling activities next week, we will have no more tests. We have also finished our last story in Reading about how to save the planet before bedtime. However, we will continue to do some extra reading activities through the week.

We are finished with our Math curriculum. Next week, we will do some math activities that are Covid-safe. Please find ways to keep math alive throughout the summer.

The Ancestor Reports are coming in early, and they are wonderful! The written portion was due today, with the doll due Tuesday. Starting on Tuesday, we will share our reports with the class. I’m looking forward to hearing them!