Second-2-None: Week of May 9

In Religion, we have been focusing on our Second step program, reviewing some skills and wrapping up the program. Over the next couple of weeks, we will finish religion by looking at how Catholics continue Jesus’ work of serving others.  

We continue to classify sentences in Grammar that have prepositional phrases. We had a bumpy start to prepositions but have since really picked up on it. Hopefully, when they continue Shurley English in 3rd grade, they will have this solid foundation to build upon. We will have only one more formal Spelling test next week. For that final full week, we will be doing some other spelling activities with our previous words. In Phonics, we started vowel pairs, vowel diphthongs, and vowel digraphs. That is what we will wrap up with in Phonics this year. We’ve moved on to stories about pioneer days in Reading. This ties in well with Social Studies. We will read 2 stories about Johnny Appleseed and one about a pioneer family moving west. While completing these stories, we will complete both reading strategy and social studies activities. 

We’ve started out the last chapter in Math, which is on geometry and fractions. We should finish it up before the end of the year. There are some fun activities the class will do using their knowledge of shapes. 

In Science, we’re about halfway through our last Science unit. This unit focuses on the environment and how plants and animals use the environment. We’ve talked about food chains, food webs, and discovered the adaptations living things make to survive.  

The delivery cost for leotards over 100 conventional units has changed since November 20th — Gymnast

  • Thank you so much for all your help in preparing the children for First Holy Communion. It was a perfect day! 
  • Thank you also for all your help today after the May Crowning Mass. For those of you who were present at the Mass, I am sure you can agree that the children did an amazing job. I am so very proud of each one of them! How blessed I am to be their teacher!   
  • There are only 14 days left of school … 13 ½ technically. I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone! We continue working throughout the next couple of weeks. So please keep referring to the Homework Sheet and Newsletter for information.  
  • As it gets warmer, please remember to send in a refillable water bottle with your child. They need to stay hydrated on the warmer days. 
  • As long as the weather cooperates, we will be having an extra-long recess on Tuesday, May 17. This is thanks to the Hernandez Family for the purchase at our Spring Auction. The class is SUPER excited!! Thank you to the Hernandez Family for their generosity. 
  • We will be having a spirit wear dress down next Friday, May 20.