Second-2-None: Week of Nov. 30

In Religion this week, we we looked very closely at the start of the new Church year. We discussed what happens during Advent, which began this past Sunday, and the class thought about what they can each do during this most special time.

In Grammar, we continue to look at how to classify sentences and the various parts of speech. We delved into labeling the complete subject and predicate, and they learned to identify the simple subject and predicate. Within Phonics, we are identifying what blends are and finding them in words, as well as looked at the sounds y can make, specifically either long i or long e. Our new story in reading is a short chapter book on the life of Theodore Roosevelt. We’ve learned about his early life, as well as his beginning in politics. As we read, we are learning to find key information and using that to write chapter summaries.

We wrapped up chapter 4 of Math this week, with the test yesterday. Next week, we begin Chapter 5, which will focus on 2-digit subtraction. So keep practicing those basic math facts.

We’ve discussed producers and consumers, along with listed natural resources and their importance in Social Studies. We also identified ways to conserve our natural resources. Our test will be on Thursday of next week, December 10th, so that we have ample time to review together in class. The book is going home today so that your child can reread Unit 2 and start studying for the test.