Second-2-None: Week of November 15

This week in Religion, we continued to get ready for Reconciliation by discussing sin is intentional, not accidental. We also listened to 2 wonderful stories from the Bible which spoke to the Sacrament. We heard about the Prodigal Son, looking closely at the Father’s constant love and forgiveness. We also heard about the Shepard looking for the lost sheep, as well as his happiness upon the return of the sheep. 

We looked at character traits closely with our story “A Chair for My Mother” and finished up with our quiz. The next story is a very fun story about a little boy trying to persuade his mother to get him something. In grammar, we continue our Shurley English curriculum by breaking down parts of speech and classifying sentences. Our jingles are a great way to help us remember the different parts of speech. So, ask your child to sing and dance to the songs as we do in class. If I had your older child, they may be able to join in, though they may have learned a new song and dance in their grade. We learned a great new trick for counting syllables in Phonics. Ask your child to teach it to you. 

In Math, we continue to work on 2-digit addition. We will finish the chapter the week after Thanksgiving break. It really helps to know basic addition facts with automaticity. Practice wherever and whenever you can. There are card games and online games that your child can do at home to practice. The class learned how to play Salute. It is a 3-person game and a fun way to practice facts. 

We are continuing to look carefully at the different animal groups, their characteristics and life cycles in science. The class will have the Unit test on animals after Thanksgiving break. I’ll let you know which day next week. A quiz review packet, along with the whole unit, will come home to help your child study prior to the test. 

If You DON'T Have a Mental Illness, Read This

  • Our first trimester has ended. The class has adjusted quite well, and I look forward to a great second trimester. Report cards will go home on Tuesday, November 23rd. 
  • Have you signed up for a conference with me? By now, everyone should’ve sign-up for a 7-minute virtual conference. (It is a 10-minute slot. However, I will need time to logout and then back in with the next person. So, I will be on a tight schedule. Thank you for your understanding.) 
  • Tuesday, November 23, is a half-day of school, with dismissal at 11:30 AM. There is NO LUNCH or AFTER CARE. However, we will still have snack. So, please send a healthy snack. 
  • There is NO SCHOOL Wednesday, November 24, through Friday, November 26. School resumes Monday, November 29. Please mark your calendars.  
  • Though I will see you on Tuesday, I want to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving. May God bless you all!