Second-2-None: Week of November 29

In Religion class, we looked at the Act of Contrition more closely, breaking it down into the 3 main parts. Many of the children already know it, as we say it daily for our dismissal prayer. How are the Ten Commandments coming along? Some know those so well already. Keep practicing both. For the Ten Commandments, I won’t be very strict on saying “thou” versus “you” but they should have most of the words memorized. We will begin testing these prayers on Monday, December 6. Next week, we will be focusing on Advent and Jesus’ ancestors through readings about the Jesse Tree. 

We read a short story called “I Wanna Iguana” in reading, which was about a little boy who tries to convince his mother that he should have an iguana. This story uses a lot of persuasive language within an exchange of letters between the boy and his mom. Next week, we will publish our very own persuasive letters asking for a pet. We’ve added identifying complete subject and complete predicate to our classification flow in grammar. In Phonics, we’ve looked at compound words, soft “c” sound and the soft “g” sound. I introduced cursive, and we talked about some basic pre-cursive skills. Next week, we will look at each of the four strokes more carefully before beginning any letters. Once that is complete, we will begin with lowercase letters. 

We wrapped up chapter 4 of Math this week, with the test today. Next week, we begin Chapter 5, which will focus on 2-digit subtraction. So, keep practicing those basic math facts. 

We are almost finished with the science unit on animals. It is one of the longer ones, and we do many extra fun activities on animals, including a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo. We really had fun watching the animals. Our test will be either Friday of next week or early the following week.  

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  • First Reconciliation is THIS SaturdayDecember 4th. There will be a brief retreat prior to the actual Sacrament, beginning at 1:30 PM. Reconciliation will be in church, beginning at 2:30 PM. Barb Campbell sent out an email with information. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it.
  • Is your child practicing the Ten Commandments and Act of Contrition? They will be tested on either December 6th or 7th, which is this coming Monday and Tuesday. 
  • We will be having an Advent Program on WednesdayDecember 15, at 7 PM in the church. I’m sure it will be a beautiful way to celebrate the season together as a school and faith community. Please mark your calendar.   
  • Please make sure your child has extra masks in their backpack. Also, please make sure to pack a water bottle that he/she can refill throughout the day. Thank you! 
  • D4D is at the Texas Roadhouse in Countryside all week, Monday through Friday. A flyer is needed. 
  • Christmas Shop is coming to St. Cletus next week, December 9 and 10. What a fun way for your 2nd grader to personally pick something out for those he/she loves. They love to choose special items for family and friends!
  • Friday, December 10, is a Christmas Movie Night for 1st – 3rd grade. The flyer went home yesterday. What a great way to start the weekend!