Second-2-None: Week of October 11

The class learned that the Church has its own seasons and Church year. We learned what the seasons were called and briefly talked about each. As the year goes on, we will talk more about each season, as they happen. We began with Ordinary Time, which is the season we are in now.  

The class has been practicing classifying sentences with subject nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. The practice that we do in class is beneficial. Next week, we will introduce article adjectives. We have also studied our vocabulary word “moist” closely. In Phonics, we have moved on to long vowel sounds, talking often about the rule when two vowels go walking. We have begun to write our first opinion piece. The topic was “What should Mrs. McCartney be for Halloween?” They had to give 3 reasons supporting their opinion. Final published pieces and pictures will be completed next week. 

We’ve begun our study of basic addition facts and different strategies that can be used to add. Next week, we continue and will look more closely at basic subtraction facts. Please practice basic facts daily, even if it is just a couple of minutes. The repetition will help with the automaticity of answers. 

There is so much to learn in Social Studies. We learned about laws, several types of communities (urban, suburb, rural) and even practiced some map skills, like using cardinal directions. Next week, we will continue to look at our state and country, and we will learn about state capitals. 

How to request Toys for Tots in Western Pennsylvania in 2019 | Pittsburgh  Lesbian Correspondents Some of the children say that his/her headphones are too tight or uncomfortable. I asked them to tell you, but with kids being kids, some may have forgotten. So, please ask your child how they feel. Thank you! 

  • Practice basic addition math facts daily!!! It really will give your child help in the coming weeks and months. 
  • As it gets colder, please be sure your child is dressed warm enough to go outside at recess. We will do our best to be outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting. 
  • Tonight is Ravinia Night. I hope you all have a wonderful time amongst great company!