Second-2-None: Week of October 17

With Reconciliation on December 4th, we have begun our intensive study to prepare for the Sacrament. This week, we talked about the Bible, how it is God’s Word, and learned about the different parts of the Bible. I will be handing out the Ten Commandments to the class in the coming weeks, and all the children will have to recite the Commandments to me the week of First Reconciliation. Also, the Act of Contrition is going to come home next week. Please start practicing that for First Reconciliation. 

In Language, we introduced article adjectives. So now the class can classify the subject noun, verb, adverbs, adjectives, and article adjectives. We continue to learn reading and writing words with long vowels in Phonics.  During Reading this week, we read a wonderful story called “The House on Maple Street”, looking carefully at the setting and how it changes. We will look at the sequence of events in our story and finish this story next week with a quiz. They have also written their first paper, an opinion piece in which they are telling me what they think I should be for Halloween. They will be in the hallway all next week for the whole school to enjoy! 

We continue our study of basic addition facts and began to look more closely at basic subtraction facts in Math class. Please practice basic facts daily, even if it is just a couple of minutes. The repetition will help with the automaticity of answers. 

In Social Studies, we have looked at different types of communities, specifically rural, urban, and suburb. The class learned that there are 7 continents, and we even learned a song to help us remember the name of the continents. Ask your child to sing it for you! We will wrap up the unit next week and have the test early the following week. Look for study sheets and the textbook to come home so that your child can study prior to the test.  

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  • It is Red Ribbon Week next week. Below are the activities we will be doing to promote it. 
    • Monday – St. Cletus is DRUG FREE! (Our 2nd graders will create posters to be hung around the school.) 
    • Tuesday – Sock It to Drugs! (regular uniform with crazy socks) 
    • Wednesday – Your choices are the key to your dreams! (Pajama Day – full dress down in pajamas with gym shoes please.)  
    • Thursday – Team up and stay in the game by making good choices! – Wear your favorite sports team’s jersey or St. Cletus shirt!(These are to be worn with school GYM uniform bottoms.) 
    • Friday – Drugs are scary! (Wear your costume – review rules for Halloween on Parent page of school website and below)  
  • This year, we will celebrate Halloween at school on Friday, October 29, with costumes and a student parade outside.  We will also have a Haunted Cardinal Car Yard around the school.  The student parade will include viewing the Haunted Cardinal Car Yard.  Students should come dressed for the entire day in your costumes, adhering to the guidelines listed below. We will also celebrate in the afternoon with a little Halloween party fun in the classroom.  
    • Costumes must be comfortable. 
    • Leave all props at home: wands, gloves, brooms, whistles, plastic swords, light sabers, etc. 
    • Students will wear their regular (daily) masks with their costumes.  Facial make-up is not allowed. Wear comfortable shoes–gym shoes are preferred.  We will still have gym class and recess. 
    • Costumes must be school appropriate–NO violent or gory costumes, such as Freddy, Jason, etc.  However, skeletons, witches, Dracula, etc., are fine. 
    • NO clown costumes are allowed. 
  • Practice basic addition math facts daily!!! It really will give your child help in the coming weeks and months. There are some great apps out there that drill/time children on facts. 
  • As it gets colder, please be sure your child is dressed warm enough to go outside at recess. We will do our best to be outdoors as much as possible, weather permitting. 
  • Look for the Homework Sheet on Monday. It will show not only homework but other important information as well.