Second-2-None: Week of September 13

In Religion this week, we spoke about the Sacraments briefly, learning they were special signs given to us by Jesus. Next, we will begin to look at each Sacrament more closely, starting with Baptism. Please talk to your child about his/her Baptism. You can even share some photos of the special day.

In Language, we’ve finished practicing identifying the rules for capitalization and punctuation. Next week, we will begin to classify sentences with a subject noun and verb. We will be adding adverbs soon after that. The jingles we use really help us remember the different parts of speech. We are also learning a new vocabulary word: moist. In Phonics, we continue to read and write short vowel words, while we have our word play during Phonemic Awareness time.

In Math, we took our first test. Next week, we’ll begin working with numbers to 1,000. The class will practice showing the same number in various ways, and we’ll do this for a couple of weeks.

In Science, the class will talk about the design process and technology in our world. Next week, we may use the design process for a STEM activity. This should be fun!

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  • Tomorrow, September 18th, is the Pet Parade. What a wonderful way to celebrate all our wonderful and loving pets!
  • Monday, September 20th, is D4D at Nonna’s Good Life Pizza at 42 South Lagrange Road. Can’t wait for this. I love a yummy pizza!!
  • Thursday, September 23rd, is Grand-Friends’ Day. Have you RSVP’d your child’s guest? Remember, it doesn’t have to be a grandparent. They can be an aunt, uncle, or YOU.  Be sure let me know if your child may be dismissed with the guest(s) at the end of the day.
  • If you have extra sidewalk chalk around the house that no one uses, please consider sending it in to school. Many of the children like to use it during recess, but we are running low. Thank you!
  • Please send in headphones or earbuds with your child on Monday if you haven’t already. We will use them often, while we work on iReady and some other apps on iPads.
  • Next Friday, September 24th, there is NO SCHOOL. Enjoy the three day weekend!
  • As it is getting cooler with the coming autumn days, please remember to send your child dressed warmly enough for outdoor recess.
  • Look for the Homework Sheet on Monday. It will show not only homework but other important information as well.