Second-2-None: Week of September 20, 2021

In Religion, we have started to look closely at the Sacrament of Baptism. We learned how it is the Sacrament in which we become members of the Church. We also discovered what Original Sin is and how Baptism washes away Original Sin. 

We have begun classifying sentences which include subject noun, verb, AND adverb. It’s tricky in the beginning, but they will get it. In Phonics, we continue with our short vowel sounds. We’ve finished our second story in Reading, “Snowshoe Hare’s Winter Home” and described characters, setting, and found details provided in the story to support our ideas. We did not take our Spelling test. It felt rushed, and I want to spend more time with the class on it. So, there will not be a new list this week. Rather, we will continue to work on this list and have the test on Friday, October 1st. 

In Math, we continue to work with numbers through 1,000. We are looking at many ways to represent a number and will compare numbers. We also work with our Simple Solutions workbook on most days. This gives the children an opportunity to practice many math skills on an almost daily basis. Remember, practicing basic addition and subtraction facts is part of daily homework! 

We started learning about the design process in science and will have the opportunity to use it with an activity. We will also learn how sometimes experiments do not go as a scientist may always think it will and that it is OK! 

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  • If you have extra sidewalk chalk around the house that no one uses, please consider sending it in to school. Many of the children like to use it during recess, but we are running low. Thank you! 
  • Please send in headphones or earbuds with your child on Monday if you haven’t already. We will use them often, while we work on iReady and some other apps on iPads.  
  • As it is getting cooler with the coming autumn days, please remember to send your child dressed warmly enough for outdoor recess. We will try to go out as often as possible.