Below are the assignments for the week of May 11 – May 15.


PLEASE NOTE: Students should try to keep their normal schedule by completing the assignments on the day(s) they would have music, and are more than welcome to work ahead! All of this week’s music assignments will be due no later than Friday, May 15th at 9:00pm. This extension is to allow for any technology issues, and time for families to reach out to me with troubleshooting questions.


Additionally, feel free to peruse my Additional Music Activities for other games, review activities, and opportunities to watch concerts by the Berlin Philharmonic!


Please email me with any questions about assignments, I am available via email weekdays from 8am-3pm.


I pray you all are staying safe and healthy, God bless.


MaryClaire Zurowski

Music Teacher, St. Cletus School

Here are this week’s assignments, by grade level:

Early Childhood: Explore PBS Kids Music Games!
1st & 2nd Grade: Explore Chrome Music Lab!
All assignments for 3rd through 8th grade are posted in their respective Google Classrooms.