week 2/16 Preschool

Hello preschool families!

On behalf of Mrs. Fary and myself we wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Monday, February 15th is Presidents Day and it is a day off of school.

We celebrated Sebastian’s birthday this week…happy birthday! Valentine and birthday treats have been collected in a Ziploc bag in your child’s bag. The students have been directed to give the bag to you when they get home. Families can choose how they want to proceed with these items.

The students loved making lots of HEARTS for Valentine’s day and the letter Hh. We talked about horses, hot cocoa, and being HAPPY!

Bringing in some of our new sight words we looked at two sentences. Notice how the students have all the tools (letter recognition and sound) to break these sentences apart and remember sight words.

The cat sat.
The cat sat on a hat.
It was red.

c-a-t, s-a-t, h-a-t–many students are now getting used to breaking these words up into sounds.

February Sight words Introduced: the, to, and, he, I, you, it, and in.

Next week we begin the letter Rr…Rr is for rainbows, rockets, and robots!


Mrs. Van Wyck