Week #4 & #5, First Grade Newsletter: We’ve Got Spirit, How ‘Bout You, Grandparents?!

 To the Parents of Rooms 109 & 110: 

We are at the end of week four of First Grade.  This week was incredibly busy, with the children working on the letter “Dd”. We are getting ready for our fourth Spelling test.   Our words all have “ng” in them, and we worked a lot of activities this week to help us remember the spelling of these words. 

In reading, we are still working on “Stellaluna” and “Frog and Toad.” We are learning about relationships between the characters, and more details in the stories.  We have been able to show off our artwork with these stories, and it’s so much fun to draw and color.  Our phonics books also tie into our reading program.  We do an oral phonics lesson daily, and then work on a written one.  The written lesson helps us to reinforce letters and sounds we are learning. 

In math, we are still working on addition sentences.  We have been using our interlocking cubes to help us figure out the answers.  We like to draw different pictures to help us understand addition. 

In religion class, we are talking about people in our life who are important to us, and how they help us grow in our lives.  We attended mass again on Tuesday, and the students seem to be getting more comfortable in the church.  Fr. Ken visited our classroom and had a little conversation with us.  It’s always nice when we get a visitor in the classroom! 

We continued with our yoga class on Tuesday, but this week we joined our friends in the other first grade.  We had a blast stretching and doing the poses to help keep us flexible and healthy. 

This week ends with a pep rally, and we made cardinal hats to help us show our school spirit.  Here are a few surprise pictures to help share our “cardinal spirit.”  See everyone at the pep rally, and the pet parade on Saturday. 

During week five, the students wrapped up their handwriting work with Dd and reviewed letters Cc. Next week, we’ll move on to letter Ee. In math, the students took their first quiz on adding to and solving addition problems. They also created and wrote their own addition problem using the numbers 0, 3, and 4. We also practiced how to write out the names for each number as a teachable moment.  

In science, we are wrapping up our unit of scientific inquiry skills and tools. The students are having a good time learning more about the various tools that scientists use. 

The students also had a variety of special visitors to our classes. Fr. Dan made a guest appearance in our classes to chat with the students and tell them more about himself. Many of the students were able to ask questions about what he does outside of mass, what his hobbies were, and what he loves more about being a pastor at St. Cletus. They were so inquisitive and most interested in Fr. Dan’s ministry in the hospitals with the sick and ill. Our students are such kind and compassionate children. 

They also spent these past Tuesdays in music class preparing for their special, Grandparents & Grand-Friends’ Day Mass with their music teacher, Mrs. Zimba. This past Tuesday, Mrs. Zimba invited her friend, Mr. French, to be the students’ guest instructor. They really enjoyed Mr. French’s class so much, because he used some entertaining toys, clapping beats, and musical games to keep the students engaged. He made it such a fun experience for the students.

On Thursday, the students were all so excited to give their grandparents and grand friends the framed “I Love You” pictures that they had

 taken. We, the teachers, truly enjoyed meeting all the grandparents who visited our school yesterday. It was a pleasure to see how much the students lit up around them.  

After mass, some of the students returned to class. We spent our final minutes of the day playing interactive, educational math games on the Smart Board and reading some of the students’ books from home. It was the perfect way to wrap up such a lovely week! Next week, we’ll start off with our Spelling Test on the /Qu/ Words and Dictation Sentences from week five on Monday, September 27th. Best of luck, students! WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! 

As always, have a blessed weekend,  

Mrs. Jinifir Fermando-Nwoye (Room 109) 

Mrs. Cindy Kasnicka (Room 110) 


Mrs. Jinifir Fermando-Nwoye’s Class Photos (Room 109) 

Mrs. Cindy Kasnicka’s Class Photos (Room 110)