Week #7, It’s Picture Day for the Little Scientists!

To the Parents of Rooms 109 & 110: 

Hurray! We’ve made through another week! This week was very busy, with the children working on the letter “Gg”. We just completed for our spelling test on the “Days of the Week.” We had a really fun spelling bee on Wednesday.
We’re also working super hard on learning lots of new vocabulary words in Phonics, Spanish, Grammar, Religion,  Science, and Social Studies. In spelling, the students are studying their new dictation sentences and using them to practice correcting their grammatical errors as well. They learning to capitalize every sentence, the importance of word spacing, using proper punctuation, how to make sure it is a complete thought or idea, and identifying the subject-verb in each sentence. In Language Arts, the students continue to work on building the parts of a complete sentence as they learn more about verbs, common, and proper nouns. We sing a couple jingles which are helping us remember how to identify these important parts of speech. We have been making lists and sharing them with our classmates. It’s exciting to learn about nouns, verbs, and now adverbs this way.

In Reading, we are looking forward to starting some new stories, “A New Family” and “How Polar Bears Hunt”. We are starting to read aloud more in class. At the moment, the students are having a blast reading our Halloween Books. They seem to be enjoying these books the most. During our last book, “Stellaluna,” they learned a lot of interesting facts about different species of bats, with an emphasis on fruit bats. Some of the students are bringing in books from home that we are sharing with their classmates. It’s so much fun to hear their friends reading out loud! Our phonics books also tie into our reading program very well. We do an oral phonemic awareness lessons daily. They also use their written lessons to help reinforce their letter recognition and the letter-sound connection as we progress in our daily phonics lessons.

In Math, we are still working on addition concepts, solving addition sentences, and writing addition numbers sentences and word problems. We have been using our interlocking cubes, small dinosaurs, counters, and other fun manipulatives to help us figure out the answers. We like to draw the different pictures to help us understand addition. Simple Solutions helps us to learn new ways of adding, joining to, and finding solutions in math, too.

In Religion, our classes have been reviewing Chapter 1 and wrapping up Chapter 2. We learned about the Holy Trinity, and how there are three persons in One God. They are learning our new October prayer, The Guardian Angel Prayer. We also had a nice discussion about archangels and guardian angels. Our discussion focused on the question, “Are Angels Real?” The students enjoyed learning about the three most important archangels, St. Gabriel, St. Michael, and St. Raphael as well as how they honorably served God. At Mass, the students also are paying more attention and starting to learn the prayer responses. Fr. Elmer even complimented our class as they were all kneeling and praying when he walked in. We also celebrated St. Francis’ Assisi Feast Day this past Monday. We watched a short movie about him and learned more about this wonderful saint.

In Science, both classes had a blast this week completing a few different science experiments as little scientists. We finished our Five Senses Experiment using our senses, celery, and hand lenses. They ended the experiments coming up with additional questions about celery to research, such as “Why does celery taste crunchy?”; “Why does celery have hairs? And what are they for?”;  and “Does it taste different when it’s cooked?” We also had a fun adventure mixing blue and yellow paint together to make green. They wondered what our colors could be created by mixing our paint colors. We wrapped up the week using our celery hypothesize about how colored water might move  through the stalks. Next week, we will observe and discuss the results. We are learning how to create a hypothesis, investigate it, and record our data findings. Science is one of our favorite subjects of the day!

On Thursday, School Picture Day was a success! The students had a great time dressing their nice outfits. We, the teachers, did our very best to help the students with their hair grooming needs. One class even got the opportunity to take a class photo with Father Elmer.  It was a nice change of pace for us all. They even went out for a nature walk and extra playtime after they behaved so well for their pictures.

The students were incredibly happy about spending this three-day weekend with their families in honor of Columbus Day (Indigenous Peoples Day). Please enjoy the extra time with your friends and family. We, the First Grade Teachers, are looking forward to seeing all of your little lovelies next Tuesday for Mass!

Have a Blessed Holiday,

Mrs. Jinifir Fermando (Room 109)

Mrs. Cindy Kasnicka (Room 110)


Mrs. Cindy Kasnicka’s Class Photos (Room 110)


Mrs. Jinifir Fermando’s Class Photos (Room 109)