Week of April 12th-16th

Hello First Grade Families!

What a great week back! We all seem to be well rested and ready to end our school year on a high note! We began a new story in reading, Arbor Day Square, and are making amazing connections. We will be writing about our favorite family tradition.

We learned the different parts of the mass and were eager to watch mass to identify each step and part. Ask us about the mass during our family mass over the weekend!

We are really working on staying safe and following our classroom rules. We want to continue to be in school and know how important it is to be safe. We talked about being safe at recess and while being in class with others.

Up Next…

In spelling we will be focusing on the <ar> pattern.

We will continue reading Arbor Day Square. We will be working on our narrative on family traditions in writing and focusing on adding details.

In Math we will be beginning Chapter 10. We will be looking at data and how we can use multiple graphs to show results.

In Science we will be beginning Unit 6 where we will discuss rocks and soil. This is always a fun unit where we focus on the details of rocks and soil.

In Religion we will continue discussing how we can love and serve others. We will watch Mass as a whole class on Thursday.

*We are always in need of baby wipes and disinfecting wipes. We use about 200 disinfecting wipes and 125 baby wipes a week!*

Please continue to let me know if you have any questions/comments.

Thank you!

Miss Katlyn Payne