Week#17: MLK Day, Snowmen & Winter Assessments

 To the Parents of Rooms 109 & 110:

Happy New Year! It’s finally 2022! We are so thrilled to be back at St. Cletus with our lovely first graders! We missed them all so much over the winter vacation. The students have all returned from their respective holiday vacations and readjusting to academic life at school.

This week, the students prepared to take their Winter-Trimester Diagnostic Assessments in Reading and Mathematics. They have made some major strides in their academic development, and we are looking forward to seeing how much more they progress this school year.

We were able to complete a fun school project this week. We made drawings and wrote farewell messages to Father Ken who is leaving St. Cletus this week. The students enjoyed getting to know him, but they are happy that they were able to see him in church each week. Next week, we will be coloring and assembling giant snowmen for our first winter project of the new year.

In class, we all began the week by writing in our journals about Martin Luther King, Jr. We also discussed some nice things that we can do for others to celebrate his memory.

After journaling, the students began their religious introduction to Growing With God. We also talked about how God created us. Later in the week, we completed a few structured lessons about how John the Baptist taught people about God’s love and helped prepare people to receive God’s message through Jesus’ teachings using our religion text, “We Believe”.

In social studies, the students began wrapping up their unit by discussing the history of education and schools. They also learned about a brave Civil Rights Activist named Ruby Bridges and how she was the first African-American child to desegregate a school in the state of Louisiana. They were so interested in her life which created some great discusses in social studies this week.

In handwriting, we continued moving through the alphabet. Both classes are working on the letter, “Rr”. We’ll be moving on to “Ss” next week. In spelling, we completed our spelling test on /ay/ words. We had a couple of spelling bees, and the students always enjoy the competition. We had a fun spelling bee on Wednesday and working hard to learning all of our new dictation sentences as well.

In Reading, we are looking forward to starting some new stories in Unit 2. We are reading stories in our Text Collection of short stories. Our main reading text is “A Fine, Fine School“. We’ve also been taking turn reading more books from home aloud in class.

In English, we are continuing to focus on writing complete sentences, identifying their parts, and labeling them such as adverbs, articles, and adjectives. We are singing more and more jingles to help them reinforce these reading skills.


In Math, we work in Go Math! and Simple Solutions. We are learning more concepts of subtraction now. We also learning to diagram their problems using bar models and using pictures to solve equations.

One final note: All-Catholics Schools Mass/100th Day Celebrations will be happening at the end of January! Please encourage your child to think of a few 100th Day Activities to share with their classmates.

Have a Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Mrs. Jinifir Fermando-Nwoye (Room 109)

Mrs. Cindy Kasnicka (Room 110)