Week#20: Valentines for Vets & Snow Days

To the Parents of Rooms 109 & 110:

Welcome back to school after our two relaxing Snow Days! We hope that all of the students had the opportunity to enjoy their Snow Days. 

This week, we began our All-Catholics Schools Week with a lovely mass with Father Elmer and an Open House until 2:30 p.m. We started with the 10:30 Mass where the teachers gathered and received a blessing from Fr. Elmer.  After the Mass, we went to our classrooms where we waited for the parents and children to come to visit.  There were many past and present St. Cletus children there, as well as visitors from St. Joseph.  Mr. Manetti had children playing chess in the lunchroom, and we were all able to witness the excitement within the chess club.  It is really amazing to see the children enjoy chess! It was so nice to see all of the students and families who made it to the Open House this past Sunday.

We planned an amazing week of fun, crafts, and games for the students to celebrate All-Catholic Schools Week, but the increment weather put a slight wrench in our plans. On Monday, we had a day in which we honored our Veterans! We were able to create some beautiful Valentines Day Greeting Cards for the Veterans in our communities. Then, we brainstormed a bit about our Grandparents and Grandfriends Letters. On Tuesday, our class collects some canned foods to donate to our school’s Food Pantry. It always feels so good to give to those who need it the most. On Wednesday, we were supposed to have fun and games with our fourth grade buddies to celebrate Student Appreciation Day as well as Groundhog Day. On Thursday, we were going to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day with our students. On Friday, the students did play in a School-Wide Volleyball Game with our two first grade classes playing against one another. They had a wonderful time playing volleyball together!

We still continued with our classes, even with the excitement of All-Catholic Schools Week.  In Religion, we are talking about Ordinary Time. We learned that this is the time in the Church calendar when it is quiet. We are awaiting the Holy Season of Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday. The students also continued their religious introduction to Growing With God by discussing “Boundaries”. We were having some excellent conversations in our religion classes these days.

In English class, we practiced classifying and labeling sentences to solidify their identification of nouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, adverbs and learning more about pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions. The students also did some journaling about how they spent their Snow Days at home and wrote a story about our families as well.

In science, the students began a new unit learning about different types of  engineers, how they use math and science to create blueprints, and how they choose their building materials. They were discussing how to plan different projects using the design process and why it is important to complete it in a specific order. They were very excited to plan a building experiment with legos this month.

In handwriting, we continued moving through the alphabet. Both classes are working on the letter, “Uu”. We’ll be moving on to “Vv” next week.

In spelling, we are doing many different winter projects with our words. We made snowman, snowflakes, and cups of hot cocoa with our words this winter. We are getting better at writing the sentences; although, it still is very challenging for the students at times. We also completed our spelling test on /y/ [long i sound] words. We only had a couple of spelling bees this week, but the students have fun every time.

In Reading, we are looking forward to starting some new stories in Unit 2. We are reading stories in our Text Collection of short stories. Our main reading text for next week is “The Recess Queen“. In our new story, “The Recess Queen,” we are reading and writing about a girl who is a bully and how another student has befriended which made her a much happier person.  Our writing skills are improving, and we are getting into some good discussions as we read and write. We’ve wrapped up most of our comprehension writing assessments on our previous story, “A Fine, Fine School”, but we’ll need a few extra days to complete them due to our snowy days off.

In Math, we worked on Go Math! and Simple Solutions. We wrapped up our chapter on the concepts of subtraction and we’ve moved on our chapter on addition and subtraction strategies. We also learning some new vocabulary and techniques to solve both addition and subtraction equations as well as word problems.

We truly enjoyed our All-Catholic Schools Week and truly had a blast completing the different activities each day. One of the best parts about this week were the various art projects! We have done so many projects and had a blast doing them! Our All-Catholic School Week Committee really knew how to get our students’ creative juices flowing!

One final note: Our Valentines Day Party is on Monday, February 14th. Please remember to send in a food or beverage item with your child to share with their classmates.

Have a Happy Belated Groundhog Day and Be Well!

Mrs. Jinifir Fermando-Nwoye (Room 109)

Mrs. Cindy Kasnicka (Room 110)