Weekly Update – 1/25-1/29

8th Grade Literature:


This week we continued working on Animal Farm and discussed how the plot, characters, and themes relate to the Russian Revolution and the USSR.

Here is what is coming up next week:

Monday: 30 minutes iReady diagnostic, class discussion of chapter 5 – read and annotate ch. 6 for homework

Tuesday: 30 minutes iReady diagnostic, class discussion of chapter 6 – read and annotate ch. 7 for homework

Wednesday: 30 minutes iReady diagnostic, class discussion of chapter 7 – read and annotate ch. 8 for homework

Thursday: Class discussion of chapter 8 – read and annotate ch. 9 for homework

Friday: Class discussion of chapter 9 – read and annotate ch. 10 for homework

We will begin writing our Animal Farm paper Thursday, February 4. It is a large paper with a lot of components to it. We will be working on it mostly in class so I can assist the students on using both their book and the outside primary and secondary resources we have been using.

7th Grade Literature:

We are continuing with our reading of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

Monday: Read chapter 12; complete questions and annotations – checking annotations

Tuesday: Read chapters 13-15; complete questions and annotations

Wednesday: Read chapters 15-16; complete questions and annotations

Thursday: Read the epilogue and the manuscript; complete questions and annotations

Friday: Prepare for Mock Trial


Thursday, February 4 – We will begin working on their character analysis paper. We will work on it for three weeks in class.

Friday, February 19 – Character Analysis is due

Monday, February 22- Begin reading Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl

7th Grade Religion:

We just finished chapter 8 and will begin working on chapter 9 this week.

Monday: Saint of the Day: The Conversion of St. Paul, work on Cathedral research project

Tuesday: Saint of the Day: Saints Timothy and Titus, Luke Bible Study chapter 14

Wednesday: Saint of the Day: St. Angela Merici, read and take notes on pgs. 95-97

Thursday: Attend virtual Mass, reflect on homily

Friday: Saint of the Day: St. Vincent of Zeragossa, Sunday Connection, read and take notes on pages 98-99


Tuesday, January 26 – Luke chapter 13 due

Thursday, March 18 – Cathedral research project due


Have a safe and healthy weekend!

Ms. Shupe