Weekly Update – 2/1-2/5


We’ve had a busy week in Literature and Religion this week and next week is going to start a fun, but challenging part of our literature classes.

7th Literature:

We just finished reading And Then There Were None, but we’re still just getting started! Next week we will do a Mock Trial where we will put the characters on trial for the crimes they committed prior to their arrival on Soldier Island. I will of course act as judge while the students will both be the defense, the prosecution, AND the jury! Then we will begin writing their character analysis.


Monday: Mock Trial: Anthony Marston, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, General MacArthur

Tuesday: Mock Trial: Emily Brent, Philip Lombard, Dr. Armstrong

Wednesday: Mock Trial: Inspector Blore, Justice Wargrave, Vera Claythorne (20 minutes of iready)

Thursday: Paper preparation – complete the outline (25 minutes of iready)

Friday: Work on paper

Coming up:

Monday, February 22 – Character Analysis paper due

Thursday, February, 25 – Begin Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl


7th Religion:

We are working on Chapter 9 – the coming of God’s Kingdom. We are also continuing our Luke Bible Study every week along with the students researching a Cathedral and creating a slideshow about it.

Monday: Saint of the day: St. Angsar; create Valentine’s cards for Senior Citizens for Catholic Schools Week, work on Cathedral research

Tuesday: Saint of the day: Presentation of the Lord, Luke chapter 15 (Luke chapter 14 due)

Wednesday: Attend virtual Mass, reflect on the Homily, work on Cathedral research

Thursday: Write letters to clergy for Catholic Schools Week

Friday: Saint of the Day: St. Agatha, read and take notes on pages 100-101 in textbook

Coming up:

Friday, February 12 – Chapter 9 test

Thursday, March 18 – Cathedral project due


8th Literature:

We are finishing our reading of Animal Farm, but our work is just beginning with our paper assignment.

Monday: Class discussion of chapter 10, assign propaganda poster

Tuesday: Work on propaganda poster (iready 20 minutes)

Wednesday: Work on propaganda poster (iready 25 minutes)

Thursday: Work on propaganda poster and/or paper

Friday: Turn in poster, work on paper

Coming up:

Friday, February 5 – propaganda poster due

Monday, March 1 – Animal Farm paper due

Monday, March 1 – Introduction of next book, Night by Elie Wiesel

I hope you all have a safe weekend!

Ms. Shupe

Jaclyn Shupe

Junior High Literature and 7th grade Religion