Weekly Update – 2/22-2/26

Good morning!!

It was a bit of a crazy week with our unexpected snow day off, but we still managed to do a lot this week.

We are edging closer to end of Trimester 2 on March 2. If your student is missing any work it must be turned into me no later than March 1.


7th Literature:


This was the last week we worked on our Character Analysis and I am very excited to see what the students wrote. We will be watching the film version of And Then There Were None starting on Monday. The film is rated TV-14. If you DO NOT want your student to watch the film please send me an email and I will give them an alternative assignment.


We will also begin working on Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl. The students will be doing a Socratic Seminar for this book. They will have a packet to fill out where they need to answer questions and provide textual evidence to back up their answers. At the end of the book we will have an all class discussion led by the students using these packets.


Monday: Character Analysis Paper due at 8am, Watch film version

Tuesday: Watch film version

Wednesday: Watch film version; 20 minutes of iready

Thursday: Preview Anne Frank, discuss socratic seminar, do word webs; 25 minutes of iready

Friday: Read Anne Frank June 14-July 9


Dates to know:

Monday, February 22 – And Then There Were None Paper Due

Thursday, February 15 – Begin reading Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl


7th Religion:

We began our chapter on Jesus the Healer yesterday. The students also continued working on their Cathedral project. Also, today we began doing stations of the cross! While we are doing them in the classroom and not in the church, it is still nice to have our connection to our Lenten journey and our faith.


Monday: Saint of the Day: Chair of St. Peter, work on Cathedral project

Tuesday: Saint of the Day: St. Polycarp, Luke ch. 18 Bible Study

Wednesday: Saint of the Day: Blessed Luke Belludi, notes pg. 110-111

Thursday: Attend virtual Mass, reflection of Homily

Friday: Saint of the Day: St. Maria Bertilla Boscardin, notes pg. 112 on Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, Sunday Connection


Dates to know:

Tuesday, February 23 – Luke ch. 17 due

Monday, March 1 – Ch. 10 test

Tuesday, March 2 – Luke ch. 18 due

Thursday, March 18 – Cathedral project due


8th Literature:


The students should be more than half way through their Animal Farm papers by now. Next week is our last week to work on them in class.


Monday: Write paper

Tuesday: Write paper

Wednesday: Write paper

Thursday: Write paper

Friday: Write paper


Dates to Know:

Monday, March 1 – Animal Farm paper is due at 8am (this will be their first grade on 3rd trimester)

Tuesday, March 2 – Begin Night by Elie Wiesel


Have a great weekend!


Jaclyn Shupe

Junior High Literature and 7th grade Religion