Weekly Update – 3/1-3/5

Reminder that the trimester ends this Tuesday, March 2. All late work must be turned into me by March 1 to be graded and added to this trimester grade.


7th Literature:


We began Anne Frank today so it will be our book for quite a while. The students will be completing a Socratic Seminar when we are finished with the book. All students have a packet with critical thinking questions and must find quotes to support their answer. They also need to write three questions of their own using Bloom Taxonomy question stems. This packet will be due at the completion of our reading of the book. Then the students will be doing the Socratic Seminar where they will have a classroom discussion run entirely by the students. This is a 100 point project and is also the only grade the students will receive for Anne Frank.


Monday: Read July 10-Sept 29.

Tuesday: Read Oct. 1-Nov. 20

Wednesday: 25 minutes iready; read Nov. 28-Dec. 22

Thursday: 20 minutes iready; read Jan. 13-Mar. 19

Friday: Read Mar. 25-July 23


7th Religion:


We finished up chapter 10 this week in our textbook and will be staring chapter 11 about Jesus, the bread of life. Students are still working on their Cathedral project along with a weekly Luke bible study. Also, we are doing Stations of the Cross from the classroom every Friday at 2:30!


Monday: Saint of the day: St. David of Wales; Ch. 10 test; work on Cathedral project

Tuesday: Saint of the day: St. Agnes of Bohemia; Luke bible study chapter 19

Wednesday: Saint of the day: St. Katherine Drexel; read pages 115-117 in textbook; Jesus calls his apostles worksheet

Thursday: Virtual Mass and homily reflection

Friday: Saint of the day: St. John Joseph of the Cross; Sunday Connection; read and take notes on pages 118-119 in textbook


Dates to know:

Monday, March 1 – Chapter 10 test

Tuesday, March 2 – Luke ch. 18 due

Thursday, March 18 – Cathedral project due


8th Literature:

We finally finished our marathon Animal Farm paper! Well they finished them, I still have to grade them, expect to see those grades on trimester 3 in about 2 or 3 weeks. We are beginning our next book Night by Elie Wiesel about his time in the Auschwitz. We will also be doing some outside digital work with documents and stories sent to us by the Illinois Holocaust Museum. When we get to the end of the memoir, I am interested in doing a virtual field trip to the museum from our classroom, it will cost $5 a student. Let me know your thoughts!


Here is what we have coming up next week.


Monday: Watch Animal Farm

Tuesday: Watch Animal Farm; Notes on Night; 20 minutes of iready

Wednesday: Elie Wiesel’s speech Perils of Indifference analysis

Thursday: Articles Introduction to the Holocaust and Auschwitz; 25 minutes of iready

Friday: Read chapter 1; keep quote notebook


Dates to know:

Monday, March 1 – Animal Farm paper is due


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you at Confirmation this weekend!


Ms. Shupe

Jaclyn Shupe

Junior High Literature and 7th grade Religion