Weekly Update – 3/15-3/19

I hope you all had a good week. I’m hoping the weather stays as beautiful as it’s been this week!

7th Literature (119):

We have continued reading our Anne Frank book and working on the Socratic Seminar packet.

Monday: Read January 7-January 28

Tuesday: Read February 3-March 1

Wednesday: 25 minutes of iready; read March 2-March 12

Thursday: 20 minutes of iready; read March 14-March 20

Friday: Read March 22-April 11

7th Literature (120):

Monday: Read January 22-February 16

Tuesday: Read February 18-March 12

Wednesday: 25 minutes of iready; read March 14-March 20

Thursday: 20 minutes of iready; read March 22-April 1

Friday: Read April 3-April 15

7th Religion:

We’re wrapping up chapter 11 of our text book and getting ready to start chapter 12. The students are also putting their finishing touches on their months long Cathedral projects and I’m so excited to see what they learned!

Monday: Saint of the Day: St. Louis de Marillac; work on Cathedral; St. Patrick

Tuesday: Saint of the Day: St. Clement Mary; Luke bible study chapter 21; St. Patrick

Wednesday: Saint of the Day: St. Patrick; Chapter 11 test

Thursday: Attend virtual mass; reflect on homily

Friday: Saint of the Day: St. Joseph; Sunday Connection; notes on pages 128-129 in textbook

Dates to know:

Tuesday, March 16 – Luke chapter 20 due

Wednesday, March 17 – Chapter 11 Test

Thursday, March 18 – Cathedral project due

Friday, March 26 – Stained Glass Window Due

8th Literature:

We are about halfway through our reading of the book Night. The students are keeping track of important information in their quote log to help them write their paper (the final paper of 8th grade for literature!). We will then dive into more stories of real Holocaust survivors by reading and viewing information generously given to me to use in a virtual teacher trunk from the Illinois Holocaust Museum. We will also be going on a Virtual Field Trip to the museum on May 21. Permission slips were sent home today.

Monday: Read chapter 5; work on quote log

Tuesday: Read chapter 6; work on quote log

Wednesday: 20 minutes iready; Irony QPA

Thursday: Read chapters 7-9; work on quote log; Holocaust Syndrome worksheet

Friday: 25 minutes iready; Imagery and Figurative language worksheet

Dates to Know:

Wednesday, March 17 – Permission Slips and money due

Tuesday, March 20-Wednesday, March 21 – Work on Night final paper

Thursday, March 31 – Night paper is due

Friday, April 1 – Begin To Kill a Mockingbird

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Ms. Shupe

Jaclyn Shupe

Junior High Literature and Religion