Weekly Update – 4/19-4/23

Good morning!

I hope you’ve all had a great week.

7th Literature:

We concluded Anne Frank this week by doing our Socratic Seminar. The students had some really great discussions with each other. I was very impressed! To conclude the week are we are reading a play and then doing a visual analysis next week on the tv version of the play.

Next week we will begin our final novel, Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt. This book is about the Civil War from the perspective of a teenage boy who lives in Illinois. The students will be keeping a quote log of examples of what life was like for the people in the North during the war. The will use that quote log to write a compare and contrast paper with how life was for people in the North vs. how it was for people in the South.

Monday: Monsters are Due on Maple Street Visual Analysis

Tuesday: Across Five Aprils pre-reading

Wednesday: Across Five Aprils ch. 1, quote log, and questions

Thursday: iReady

Friday: Across Five Aprils ch. 2, quote log, and questions

7th Religion:

The students concluded their rough drafts this week on if they believe Sr. Clare Crockett should be canonized as a saint or not. We will begin our next chapter in our textbook on The Seven Sacraments as well as beginning our Growing With God curriculum.

Monday: Saint of the day: St. Gianna Beretta Molla; work on final draft of essay

Tuesday: Saint of the day: St. Conrad of Parzham; God Creates Us; Luke bible study chapter 24

Wednesday: Saint of the day: St. Anselm; textbook pgs. 144-145 and take notes, Sister Clare final essay due

Thursday: Attend virtual mass and reflect on homily

Friday: Saint of the day: St. George; Sunday Connection; textbook pgs. 146-147 and take notes

Dates to know:

Tuesday, April 20 – Luke ch. 23 due

Wednesday, April 21 – Sister Clare final essay due

Tuesday, April 27 – Luke ch. 24 due

Wednesday, April 28 – Chapter 13 test

8th Literature

This week we began reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I’m really excited for the students to get to know this masterpiece of American literature.

Monday: Read chapters 7-8, questions

Tuesday: Read chapters 9-10, questions

Wednesday: iReady

Thursday: Read chapter 11-12, questions

Friday: Read chapters 13-14, questions

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Shupe

Jaclyn Shupe

Junior High Literature and 7th grade Religion