Weekly Update – March 22-March 26

Good morning!

I hope everyone had a good week. Here’s what is coming up in class next week.

7th Literature:

We are almost done with our study of Anne Frank. We will finish the book this week, with the Socratic Seminar packet due the following Monday.

Monday: iReady

Tuesday: Read April-May, 1944

Wednesday: Read May-June, 1944

Thursday: Read Jun-July, 1944

Friday: Read July, 1944-Afterward

Dates to Know:

Monday, March 29 – Socratic Seminar Packet due; Watch Anne Frank movie

Monday, April 12 – Socratic Seminar begins

Thursday, April 15 – Begin our final novel, Across Five Aprils

7th Religion:

Today we began our chapter on Jesus Christ the Savior. It comes at the perfect time as we are entering into the end of the Lenten season. The students also turned in their projects on their cathedrals and I am so excited to look at them! They’ve worked so hard on these since JANUARY!!

Monday: Saint of the day: St. Nicholas Owen; read pages 128-129 and do notes

Tuesday: Saint of the day: St. Turbius of Mogrovijo; Luke bible study chapter 22

Wednesday: Saint of the day: Oscar Arnulfo Romero; read pages 130-131 and do notes

Thursday: Attend virtual Mass and reflect on Homily

Friday: Read and do notes on pages 132-133; Sunday Connection (119) or Stations of the Cross (120)

Dates to Know:

Friday, March 26 – Stained Glass Window due

Monday, March 29 – Chapter 12 Test

8th Literature

We finished our reading of Night this week, but we are far from finished with our study of the effects of the Holocaust. We are going to examine more pieces of nonfiction literature in the next two weeks. I was able to get a virtual teaching trunk for the Illinois Holocaust Museum so we still have a lot left to explore. I’m also very excited for the students to attend their virtual field trip on May 21. Don’t forget to send back the permission slip – in my email last week I said it was due on March 17, but accidently put May 7 on the slip, so sorry about that! If you could send them in sometime next week that would be awesome!


Monday: Diaries and Memoirs of the children of the Holocaust

Tuesday: The origins of the Final Solution; Survival of Auschwitz

Wednesday: Stories of Survivors: Adam and Pela; Eva and Heinz

Thursday: In our voice: Fritzie; Stories of Survivors: Sam Harris

Friday: Holocaust Survivor Returns to Auschwitz – ABC 7 special report on Illinois Holocaust Museum President Fritzie Fritzshall and Cardinal Cupich’s tour of Auschwitz; iready

Dates to know:

Thursday, April 1 – Night Paper due

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Shupe

Jaclyn Shupe

Junior High School Literature and 7th grade Religion