Weekly Update – March 29-April 2

Good morning!

Hard to believe we are one week out from spring break! Here’s what we are doing next week.

7th Literature:

We finished reading Anne Frank today. The kids seem to have really connected with Anne’s story and the difficulties her family endured hiding for over 2 years. We will be watching the 1950s version of the movie Anne Frank next week.

Monday: Watch Anne Frank

Tuesday: Watch Anne Frank

Wednesday: Watch Anne Frank

Thursday: iReady

Friday: No School – Good Friday

Dates to know:

Monday, April 12 – Socratic Seminar packet is due and Socratic Seminar begins

Friday, April 16 – Begin our final novel Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt

7th Religion:

We are finishing up our unit on Jesus Christ, the Savior. We are going to be watching a documentary about a nun who killed and then the students will write a persuasive essay about if she should become a saint.

Monday: Chapter 12 test

Tuesday: Saint of the day: St. Peter Regalado; watch All or Nothing

Wednesday: Saint of the day: St. Stephen of Mar Saba; watch All or Nothing

Thursday: 119 – Attend virtual mass and reflect on Homily; 120 – Stations of the Cross

Friday: No School – Good Friday

Dates to know:

Monday, May 29 – Chapter 12 test

Friday, April 16 – Persuasive essay rough draft due

8th Literature

This week we delve a little bit deeper into the lives of others like Elie Wiesel who lived during and survived the Holocaust. We will conclude our until on Night and the Holocaust this week. The student will be writing a paper this week, but it’s only 4 paragraphs!

Monday: Ghetto Uprising

Tuesday: Work on Night paper

Wednesday: Work on Night paper

Thursday: Night paper is due; iReady

Friday: No School – Good Friday

Dates to know:

Thursday, April 1 – Night paper due

Monday, April 12 – Begin our final novel, To Kill a Mockingbird

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Shupe

Jaclyn Shupe

Junior High Literature and 7th grade Religion