Weekly Update – March 8-March 12

Good morning!


I hope you all had a great week. Looks like the weather is finally looking up!


*If you scheduled a conference with me I will be sending out my Google Meet invites on Monday. Let me know if you do not receive one.


7th Literature:


We are continuing on our reading of Anne Frank and our general discussion of the Holocaust and what life during World War II was like for those of the Jewish faith.


Monday: Read July 26-August 23; 20 minutes of iReady

Tuesday: Read September 10-December 29

Wednesday: Read January 2-January 24; 25 minutes of iReady

Thursday: No Class – Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday: No School


7th Religion:


We started our chapter on Jesus the Bread of Life. This chapter lines up well with the Lenten season.


Monday: Saint of the Day: St. John of God; Work on Cathedral project

Tuesday: Saint of the Day: St. Frances of Rome; Luke bible study chapter 20

Wednesday: Saint of the Day: St. Dominic Savio; textbook notes pages 120-121

Thursday: Virtual Mass; Reflect on Homily; Sunday Connection

Friday: No School


Dates to know:

Tuesday, March 9 – Luke chapter 19 due

Tuesday, March 16 – Luke chapter 20 due

Wednesday, March 17 – Chapter 11 test

Thursday, March 18 – Cathedral Project due

Friday, March 23 – Stained glass window due


8th Grade Literature:

We began reading Night this week. This book is incredibly emotional since it was written by an actual Holocaust survivor. We will be doing a deeper dive into what the Holocaust was like through other stories, diaries, and video clips that I received from the Illinois Holocaust Museum’s Education Center. I think they’re really going to get a lot out of this unit.


Instead of doing questions (we’ll be doing that in class through class discussion), the students will be keeping a quote log of important information they find about Elie Wiesel’s relationship with God and his relationship with his father.


Monday: Read Chapter 2; add to quote log (121 – iReady 20 minutes)

Tuesday: Read Chapter 3; add to quote log (121 – iReady 25 minutes)

Wednesday: Read Chapter 4; add to quote log

Thursday; 121 – no class; 123 – iReady

Friday: No school


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Shupe