Athletic Association Meeting Minutes – 9/10/19

Athletic Association Meeting

September 10, 2019

Room 213

7:00 p.m.

  • Yolanda presented the treasurer report with the current budget and expected expenses.
    • Athletics fee was collected for approximately 206 families.
    • Expenses so far are less because we are playing football with SFX.
  • Pryor spoke with other athletic directors about their offerings for younger grade activities.
  • Soccer will begin in October for about 3 weeks and continue again in Spring 2020.
  • An email will go out to Chris Bourjaily asking for the smaller nets for the Jr Kindergarten-4th grade soccer at SC.
  • The plan is to get the older students to volunteer to run the soccer for the younger grades.
  • The school won 2-1hour floor hockey clinics run by the Chicago Blackhawks from their STEM…Get Up & Go Program. This will most likely occur in February.
  • Pryor indicated that St. Francis decided to leave the football program with the Suburban Parochial League after one of the school’s filed a formal complaint against SFX. The complaint was supposedly because the JV team was not split equally.  SFX decided to leave the program and join a southern league after not getting responses about the complaint.
  • The SFX had a meeting with all the football parents about the change. SC families are relatively happy with the football program at SFX.
  • (AFTER THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION) Ms. Pryor shared that SFX decided to go back and play with the Suburban Parochial League for this season.
  • Yolanda expressed concerns that a cheerleader parent shared with her. The “parent” has complained that SFX isn’t communicating with the 7th grade SC cheerleaders.
  • An email will go out to the SC cheerleader parents so that hopefully one will step up to be the SC liaison with SFX.
  • Cheerleaders need space to practice their cheer dance for the SC pep rally.
  • The pep rally will be Friday, September 20 at 2:00 p.m.
  • The homecoming game will be at Nazareth on September 21.
  • Michelle asked for a sign-up genius to be created for the concessions stand and entry fee at our home games.
  • 1-hour time slots with 2 students in the concessions, 1 student collecting the entry fee, and a parent as volunteers.
  • We may sell a “Cardinal” Pass for games in 20/21.
  • Other topics that were discussed:
  • We need coordinators and coaches for some of the sports for this year.
  • 5th/6th grade boys will get new basketball uniforms.
  • The new “Little Cardinals” committee to possibly organize the younger kids’ soccer program and the Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Pryor will look into having sports clinics in June if the parish will allow it.