FSA Minutes – November 13, 2018

FSA OFFICERS: Lupe McKeehan (president), Nikki Gorman (vice president), Chelsea Gildow (secretary), Cristina Porcelli (treasurer)

I. Prayer
II. Principal Report –The students enjoyed the author visits. See Instagram and Facebook for pictures. Next assembly will focus on bullying. Thanks to the FSA for sponsoring these events.
III. Treasurer report

IV. Committee Reports

A. D4D-Michele Schinker –December 4th @ Chipotle 5801 S. LaGrange Rd, Countryside.

B. Boxtops –Next Box Top submission is March 1st.
1. We are looking for someone to take over the Box Tops before next submission date.
2. Speak to Vicki Stein-Ziemba if interested in the volunteer position.

V. Old Business

A. KidStuff Coupon Books-
1. We are still missing coupon books that were not purchased. Please buy it for $25 or send it back to school.
2. The money raised from the coupon book sales will be used towards the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon in January during Catholic School Week. Thank you to all that purchased and sold the coupon books.
B. Teacher’s Gift Fund
1. We will take them until December 1st.

VI. New Business

A. Book Fair-Mary Ellen Staelgraeve & Katie Malham
1. Shopping: November 18-20 (Sunday-Tuesday)
2. Volunteers are needed on Monday to help with the younger grades.

B. Holiday Treasures Christmas Shop
a. Shopping: December 11-13 (Tuesday-Thursday)
b. Tuesday (lunch/recess shopping), Wednesday (open from lunch/recess-6 pm), Thursday (lunch/recess shopping)
c. Our school portal is: to preview the items.
d. Gift vouchers can be purchased via the portal to be used instead of sending cash.
e. No gifts are over $10.
f. Older students will wrap gifts for service hours.

C. Roller Skating Party
a. January 3rd
b. Tickets $6 ahead or $8 at the door
c. 6:30-9:00 – 1st thru 8th grade

Next meeting Tuesday, December 11 at 7:00 p.m. off-site (TBD)