Jinifir Fermando

1st Grade


Jinifir Fermando became one of the First Grade Teachers at St. Cletus family in 2021. She attended Northern Illinois University and graduated with a B.A. in English Literature with an emphasis on Medieval, American, and British Literature in 2007. After graduating, Mrs. Fermando decided to relocate to Incheon, South Korea where she taught English to school-age children. A year and a half later, she had fallen in love with teaching and returned home to pursue a graduate degree in education. In 2012, Mrs. Fermando had obtained her M.A. in Elementary Education from Lewis University as well as her Teaching Certificate with an endorsement in English Language Arts and Social Studies. The following year, she was invited to Seoul, South Korea to assist in the set up and opening on a new private English Academy in the country’s fast-growing capital city. She remained in South Korea for almost six years, because she truly enjoyed teaching international students, learning the Korean language, and traveling abroad so much!

While traveling to a South African wedding in South Korea, Mrs. Fermando was introduced to a young groomsman by their mutual friend, the bride. Later, this young groomsman became one of her best friends. Four years after meeting, he became her husband in a small ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria in the summer of 2019. In spring of 2020, Mrs. Fermando and her husband welcomed their first child.

In her free time, Mrs. Fermando enjoys long chats and laughing with her husband as well as spending the weekends with her son. She also attends numerous seminars and workshops which focus on enhancing reading instruction, developmental strategies, supplementing curriculum, and incorporating new classroom technologies. Her main goal as an educator at St. Cletus is to always be approachable, caring, model kindness, and be enthusiastic about learning.