Mrs. Margaret Bentley

Junior Kindergarten


Margaret is a graduate of St. Norbert College with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood. Her and her husband have been long time parishioners and even got married here! Thier son, Matthew, is a 1999 graduate of St. Cletus. Matt and his wife live in Chicago with their dog Dug.

Junior Kindergarten April 1, 2021

Happy Easter! May the Risen Lord bless you and your families abundantly! Enjoy your break, see you all April 12!
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Junior Kindergarten March 26, 2021

        SPRING HAS SPRUNG! We have spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather that God sends to remind us of His never ending love! We hope you have enjoyed the signs of new life with your family! Religion: As we begin this next week with Palm Sunday,  we will explore...
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Junior Kindergarten March 19, 2021

            Mickey Finn left us with some treats and many stories to tell! We looked at his home land, Ireland too! He made a mess of the castles we made for him and we drew a picture of what we thought he might look like! Religion: We learned about saints...
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Junior Kindergarten March 12, 2021

Oh our leprechaun from Ireland, Mickey Finn, has caused some mischief on our classroom! He visits even March and brings some good things too! Ask your child all about Mickey Finn! Religion: Our butterfly is getting filled with good deeds on the bulletin board outside our classroom! Help your child see ways in which he or...
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Junior Kindergarten March 5, 2021

Dr. Seuss week was a hit! Here is a website for some things to explore with your child!   Our school auction is fast approaching! Please look at the site to get ideas of some of the gifts being auctioned off! Our JK class is putting together a Pete the Cat basket of goodies...
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Junior Kindergarten February 26, 2021

We were observing daffodils! Just like scientists, we drew what we saw! February left us with so much snow! Our JKers sure do enjoy the great winter time activities, the outdoor AND the indoor fun! Our week was filled with word work and letter printing practice. Our Lenten journey is off to a good start....
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Junior Kindergarten February 19, 2021

God sure must love the snow! We seem to have been “blessed” with lots of it! We have discussed with the students, what is something you can do INSIDE when it is cold and snowy? They really had some great ideas! You can bake cookies, do a puzzle, play with toys, read a book or...
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Junior Kindergarten February 12, 2021

    Happy Valentine’s Day! We looked at love in many ways! Love of friends, love of families and love of God! We learn about LOVE mostly from our families, yet God loves us even more! Our week was cold, but we stayed warm in our classroom as we shared God’s love with each other!...
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Junior Kindergarten February 5, 2021

An indoor “snowball fight!” We are Cardinals and we are GREAT! Hooray for St. Cletus Catholic School! We celebrated our school in fine form during Catholic Schools Week. Our school is a great place to learn and grow…and we have fun while we are at it! Ask your child to sing our “We go to...
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