1/11/19 – Junior High Literature

6th Grade – They have began their unit on how ordinary people use courage in their lives. We just finished up reading the story of H.A. and Margret Rey escaping from Nazi occupied Paris to American in order to create Curious George. The next two weeks, we will read other nonfiction stories of people who have shown courage throughout difficult life events.

7th Grade – We have started our reading of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Each student has been assigned a character they are to annotate for in the novel. They will then write a character analysis on the novel. The paper will be due on Wednesday, February 20.

8th Grade – They have spent this first week back learning about the Russian Revolution and how it inspired the events surrounding George Orwell’s classic allegory Animal Farm. The students will be annotating their books. They need to write a paper on how the real life events of the Russian Revolution and the people the animals represent were told through the fable/allegory of Orwell’s. The paper will be due on Wednesday, February 6.