4th Grade News: Week 8

Class News:

The first 8 weeks of school have flown by! With about one more month of the first trimester (cannot believe it!), we have reviewed our guidelines of Fourth Grade- including our grading scale! We have posted our school’s grading school below.

In Language Arts, we are wrapping up  reading our fiction story Science Squad: Porpoises in Peril and moving into our biography Mary Anning: The Girl Who Cracked Open the World. Students have been looking at the different parts of paragraph writing (topic sentences, closing sentences, and the juicy details in the middle). Please encourage your child to write in complete sentences in ALL subjects. In Math, we have been working on multiplication models in the first two lessons of our Chapter 2. In Science, the students have wrapped up Unit 1 Lesson 2 and will be moving into the third lesson. Classrooms have been reviewing the factors of weather and climate, learning about humidity and the rain cycle as well as discussing the different types of climate in Social Studies. In Religion, we have been talking about the Beatitudes and how to live life as a disciple of Jesus.


4th through 8th Grade Grading Scale

A+ Outstanding 99

A Outstanding 95

A- Outstanding 93


B + Excellent 91

B Excellent 87

B- Excellent 85


C+ Good 83

C Good 79

C- Good 77


D+ Poor 75

D Poor 71

D- Poor 69


U Very Poor 0

I Incomplete 0

NG Not Graded 0







Upcoming Events!

  • 10/15/18- All School Mass @9:00am

    • Hot Lunch- 4pc chicken

    • Queen of Hearts Raffle at Kenny’s! Drawing will happen at 7:00pm.

  • 10/17/18- Hot Lunch- Hotdogs

  • 10/18/18 Picture Retake Day

  • 10/19/18-10/22/18-D4 Fun at Kenny’s (Flier required)

  • 10/22/18- Hot Lunch- Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza

  • 10/22/18- Red Ribbon Week

  • 10/23/18- Vision and Hearing Testing

Reminder to Students:

  • Continue to review your multiplication facts at home! For our entire Math chapter, we will be building on our multiplication skills. It is important that we have them fresh in our noodles!

Reminder to Parents:

  • We are always looking for parent volunteers for lunch and recess! Duty is from 11:30- 12:15 PM
  • Be sure to be checking your child’s planner!
  • Our Queen of Hearts Fundraiser at Kenny’s continues! Please join us on Monday evenings to have a chance to win half of the pot! The pot is up to $14,528!