F.Y.I (Four Your Information)

December has quickly arrived and Advent Season has begun… 

It sure is a great time to be a Fourth Grade Cardinal!


  • Pajama Donations due Thursday! 
  • Food and Money donations due by December 20th ***Grade 4 was asked to donate Cake Mix and/or Frosting)***
  • Sunday, December 8th, 7:45 am – 12:30 pm: Breakfast with Santa
  • Tuesday, December 10th, 5-7pm: D4D McDonald’s in Countryside
  • December 19th, 7pm: Christmas Program led by the 4th Graders! 
  • Christmas Break begins December 20th @3:00pm
  • School returns Monday, January 6th, 2020 ***4th Grade will be attending 8:00 AM Mass!***

Math: Classrooms have begun Chapter 4 of our GoMath curriculum. Our chapter will focus on the essential question: How can you divide by 1-digit numbers? We will be returning to the world of estimation using compatible numbers as well as using multiples to help us estimate quotients. Students will continue on by solving division problems using models, remainders, and the Distributive Property. Keep practicing those multiplication & division facts! 

Reading: ReadyGen is back! The stories we will be reading are Why the Sea is Salty? and How the Stars Fell Into the Sky. Both of these texts are legends from different cultures. We will be looking at these two texts closely and using them to identify themes in literary texts. Apart from identifying themes we will compare and contrast viewpoints, culture, as well as, analyzing problem and solution, figurative language and dialogue. 

Spelling/ Grammar/Writing: Our unit 8 words are centered on the vowel sounds: /yoo/ and /oo/. We will be using these words to complete analogies, define the meaning of words, and apply our phonics skills to them. We will be taking our test December 13th. We will not start a new unit before Christmas break. Instead we will review the grammar skills learned so far this year, which are; parts of speech, subject/predicate, fragments, run-on sentences, and F.A.N.B.O.Y.S. We will apply our grammar skills as we write letters to parishioners for Christmas to spread holiday cheer. 

Science:  As we conclude our Dream Classroom 3D model presentations, students will be venturing back to the very beginning of the school year! This whole week will focus on reviewing all of the lessons we’ve discussed in Unit 1: Studying Science. Our Unit 1 Test will take place on Wednesday, December 11th, 2019. The Big Idea of this unit is that Scientists answer questions about the world around us by carrying out careful investigations. Students are preparing for the test by answering each of the past lessons’ essential questions to better understand the big idea of the unit. We will also be discussing and completing practice review test questions as a way to prepare for our assessment on the 11th. Our next topic will be on Plants and Animals- how living things are adapted for survival in their environment. 

Social Studies: We have begun to divide our nation into the five regions; Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, Midwest, and West. We learned that regions are areas defined by geography and climate, history, economics, and culture. Our first region on our tour of the U.S is the Northeast. Students have created a study guide of the states and capitals of the Northeast. Students will be quizzed on identifying the states and capitals of the Northeast throughout the unit. They will be assessed weekly until they have a score of 90% or higher. By the end of the unit students should have them memorized. We have started discussing the landforms found in the Northeast and will begin covering resources, history of the region, landmarks, and economics. 

Religion: We will be taking a break from the Ten Commandments to focus on the season of Advent and the celebration of Christmas. We will be celebrating Jesus’ first coming and studying the story of our Lord’s birth. Students will also be creating religious crafts to help reinforce the lessons learned. 

*** If you have read this, please tell your child the code words: hope. When your child returns to school, have them tell their teacher the code word to receive a House Point!

Thank you so much for your constant support and cooperation!

Mrs. Lupe Varchetta & Ms. Hannah Tyk