F.Y.I (Four Your Information) Week of 10/14

Looking ahead to next week…

  • Monday, E Day:
    • Room 114 Library and Spanish
    • Room 115 Music
    • NO MASS
  • Tuesday, F Day:
    • Room 114 Music
    • Room 115 TLC and Spanish
    • half dress down day- college/sports jersey
  • Wednesday, G Day:
    • Room 114 TLC and STREAM
    • Room 115 Music and STREAM
    • full dress down – pj’s
  • Thursday, A Day:
    • Room 114 Music and TLC
    • Room 115 TLC and STREAM
    • full dress down – Spirit wear
  • Friday, B Day:
    • Room 114 GYM
    • Room 115 Spanish
    • All School Mass

Math: Students have learned so many different ways to multiply multi-digit numbers by a one digit number, as well as how to tackle multi-step problems. This week we will be wrapping this chapter up! Our focus this week will be to use the traditional method to multiply multi-digit numbers by a single digit. We will be taking our test on this chapter on Wednesday, October 30th. As with the previous test morning study sessions will be held 10/25, 10/29, 10/30. Students are welcomed to come to one or all the study sessions.

Reading: Unit 1 of ReadyGen is in the books! Students wrapped up our ReadyGen unit by comparing the three texts (Porpoises in Peril, Mary Anning, and Fragile Frogs.  Monday we will begin out Frindle novel study. Students will use this text to enhance their comprehension skills, identify elements of plot, characterization, and more!

Spelling/ Grammar: For spelling our new unit focuses on the multiple ways we can make the long i sound. These spelling words will be our focus for the next two weeks. Using these words, our activities will focus on word meanings, word structure, completing analogies, and making inferences. We will also be using our proofreading skills to correct misspelled words. In grammar, students will be working on subject/ predicate, identifying fragments.

Writing: Students have finished their Snapshot writing and will be moving on to creating a fictional narrative. Since Halloween is right around the corner, students will use the holiday as inspiration for some spooky fictional narratives.

Science:  We’ve been having much fun looking at current Science articles via; Our lesson 3 in the Science Fusion workbook has also focused on science research, collecting data, and using data. All fourth grades have been informed about our upcoming quiz on Lesson 3, which will be given Friday, October 25th. I suggest rereading Lesson 3 and reviewing key vocabulary words as a method of studying.

Social Studies: We traveled back in time and became fur traders. Students wrote from the perspective a fur trader who came to the new world and experienced hardships. Our next stop for Illinois History is the events leading up to the French & Indian War, the war itself and the aftermath. Students will create an interactive timeline of the events.

Religion: This week, we will be taking our Chapter 8 test on Tuesday, October 22nd. In the chapter we learned that God’s people were the Israelites and they had received the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments help us follow God’s greatest commandment, which is, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Moving forward we will be taking an in depth look of the 1st commandment.


  • Monday, October 28th: Permission slips for the Chicago History Museum are due today.
  • Tuesday, October 29th: Field Trip to the Chicago History Museum
  • Wednesday, October 30th: Chapter 2 Math Test- Study sessions will be held 10/25, 10/28, & 10/29
  • Thursday, October 31st: Halloween Party @ 2:00 pm -Please double check costume guidelines

*** If you have read this, please tell your child the code words: witch. When your child returns to school, have them tell their teacher the code word to receive a House Point!

Thank you so much for your constant support and cooperation!

Mrs. Lupe Varchetta & Ms. Hannah Tyk