Five Stars in Fifth Grade!

We have had a great start of the year in fifth grade! Students are showing great responsibility with chromebooks and Mrs. Estrada and I are looking forward to further getting to know our students. Below are a few upcoming important dates:

Monday, September 2- No School (Labor Day)

Wednesday, September 4- 8:00 am Mass (Students meet teachers in the church)

Thursday, September 5- Fall Fest Begins, Simple Solution Lesson 3 due

Friday, September 6- Fall Fest, 1:00 dismissal


We are beginning our curriculum in fifth grade and the students are learning a lot already!

In math students are reviewing place value of numbers and we will expand our knowledge of the different forms of numbers. Students will have a simple solutions lesson due every Thursday. I do not give them time in class to work on simple solutions, so it is their responsibility to complete the lessons. We go over the lessons together in class on Thursday. If a student has a question about a problem, they know they can ask me when we have free time. Math homework is given every night and is usually a workbook page to complete. Students have online access to their math books as well as other resources to help them if they need it. The website is called thinkcentral and all students have their login and passwords for that site.

In science we just began our unit on scientists. Students have been learning about what communication is and why it is so important for scientists to have good communication. Students had to write directions for another student to see if they could create a shape. We all quickly learned that we need to add details and make sure we re-read our work to make sure we understand it well. The rest of the week we will be learning about tools scientists use and methods they use in an investigation. Students also have online access to their textbook and other science resources on thinkcentral as well.

In religion we are learning about Jesus brought people closer to God through his actions and words. We are learning how to take good notes in religion and picking out the meaning between the lines. Students will be using their notes on their religion tests. The first chapter we are taking notes together to make sure we understand how to take good notes. We will continue learning about the Good News that Jesus spread.

In social studies we will begin with a world geography mini lesson. Students will be learning about continents, oceans, maps, directions, the compass, and so much more. We will be using a lot of online resources like google map to learn a lot about online maps and students will finish the unit by creating a map themselves. This unit is always a lot of fun as students are able to show their creative sides!

In English and Language Arts, or ELA, we will be discussing the elements of a story, such as characters, setting, key events, problem,  solution and theme.   Students will share one of their favorite story books with the class, and explain the elements they found.

We will be tackling a new list of fifth grade Spelling words each week.  The students will have a chance to practice their cursive writing,  as the list must be written in cursive upon introduction.  The weekly test will typically be administered on Friday, with a worksheet sent home to help with studying.