JK Newsletter February 14, 2020


We had a great time at our Valentine’s Day party!  Thank you parents,  for helping us at our party! Thank you Mrs. Allen for organizing it all!

Dear Families,

These articles reinforce what we believe to be one of the most important things you can do for your child to help him or her achieve early learning success! The relationship that is built during these moments can never be replaced! These young years go so fast! This is a perfect age to do those all important read alouds!

Next week:

Religion: “Jesus went about doing good!” This is what God asks us to do too! Ask your child about our mittens, and about the kind things he or she did to put a heart on that mitten. If kindness is to become a habit, we must do it early and often! Help your child see ways to do nice things for others. Are there any clothes he or she has out grown? These items could make a difference in another child’s life! Toys too! Let your child see you do kind acts, letting someone go in front of you in the grocery checkout, smile to a stranger or help an older person. Your child learns so much more by watching you, actions speak louder than words! That is something to stop and think about! Their tiny eyes are always watching and imitating you! I know when they are playing “school” I hear myself in them! Makes me more aware of how and what I say in class!

Literacy: Our word work has been great! Short vowel words are coming along, and word families are just plain fun! You can reinforce these skills by simply asking your child to play a rhyming game! Say a word, for example; run, have your child say something that rhymes with it. You can go back and forth with this, change the word too! It is easy enough to do in the car too!

Every Monday we ask our students to draw something they did over the weekend. We then write what ever the child tells us. We ask the students to help us write the words, by asking things such as , what starts that word? What do you hear at the end of the word or what do you hear last? This will help with the next step, having the students take over some of the writing! It is called ” shared pen.” This will be something we hope to start soon.

Math: These students are super counters! I ask them to count my claps, silently. I have gone way past 20, even 30. Continue to help your child count, as high as he or she can! We are recognizing numbers past 20, to 30.

Science/Social Studies: Children are just fascinated with all things weather related! We graph the daily weather each morning. We will begin the daily meteorologist student reporting soon! Look for a special envelope in your child’s back pack when it is his or her turn! You are to work together and your child with present the daily forecast to our class.

This 3 day weekend gives you the perfect opportunity to READ to your child! As the articles above state, it is the most important thing you can do to ensure future school success!

Enjoy the weekend!

Mrs. Bentley