Junior Kindergarten September 18, 2020

It is so nice to catch these moments! Helping each other is part of JK! It is doing what God asks of us…LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Next week begins the season of Fall! So much change in the world during this season. Notice the changes and talk to your child about what you see! Jackets are a good idea as we enjoy the cooler temps.  Help your child put on and zip or button the fall coat on their own! Building independence is a goal of this program! It may take your child some time to master this skill, but when he or she does, they will feel very good about themselves!

Religion: If you have not sent in a family picture, please do so as soon as possible! We will be posting these pictures in our classroom to remind us that we are loved! We will be reading and discovering Bible stories about Jesus next week. We will also be looking at ways we can be a Cardinal! A Cardinal is our school mascot and cardinals are good friends of Jesus. We show that by the things we do and say! Help your child see ways to be helpful and kind at home! Remember: The things we are doing here at school are things we want your child to do everywhere they go! These traits are important life long skills!

Here are the family pictures we have so far. The students drew a family portrait and then we attached the family photo you sent in! God shows us His love through others!


Literacy: We will introduce the letters /E/ and /H/ next week. Help your child find these letters as you read together each night! Good readers begin with read alouds! Phonemic awareness work next week is rhyming and taking the first sound off a word, for example: you say /bed/, the child repeats the first sound in the word-/B/.

Math: Printing the numbers using our poems will be our focus next week. Along with counting, graphing, sorting and patterning.

Science: Watching the seasons change will be fun! Seeing God’s world through the eyes of a young child has always been a joy for us! Take the time to do that too!


**We will be sending an activity from Seesaw every WEDNESDAY!!  If you need another sign in for your child, please let us know and I can print out the code for your child to use at home.


We have put together a JK Rocks wish list on Amazon, if you can help us out, we would appreciate it!

Have a nice weekend!

The JK Team