Middle School Math

6A, 6B, 7B March News
We are giving math computation a rest for several weeks and working on a geometry unit. In sixth grade our focus begins with working with area of two dimensional shapes which includes triangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombuses, squares and rectangles. We also find the area of polygons by composing, or decomposing into triangles or other shapes; then apply these techniques in solving real world problems. After that we will be working on nets and finding the surface area and volume of solid shapes.
Seventh grade is beginning the unit by learning to work with angles and also writing and solving equations for unknown angle measurements. We will then move on to working with circles, finding the circumference and area. We will continue by computing the surface area of two and three dimensional objects. We will end our unit by solving problems in the real world mathematical problems using are of composite figures.