Mr. Nowakowski 10/19-10/23

“Everyone has his superstitions. One of mine has always been when I started to go anywhere, or to do anything, never to turn back or to stop until the thing intended was accomplished.”– Ulysses S. Grant

I don’t think President Grant was referring to Covid fatigue when he said that, but it sure is relevant to the current situation.  While positivity rates continue to climb throughout the state and the nation as the colder weather arrives, it is important to remember that the mitigation efforts are as important now than ever.  After months of altering our lifestyles, especially in the early days of the pandemic, it would seem like all of those sacrifices that were made are in vain when people choose to ignore the safety protocols.  It certainly is tempting to take off our masks or to attend gatherings.  Isn’t that, in a way, turning back or stopping before the objective is accomplished?  As I told the students today, what you choose to do or not do outside the realm of school is out of the control of our faculty and staff.  However, your choices and your actions affect every person within the building.  With this being Respect Life Month, it is certainly fitting that we as Catholics make every effort we can to try to keep each other safe.

Both grade levels will be taking their Unit 9 Open Book Test in Language Arts next week.  Please consider re-enforcing at home the need to review the work that is completed and corrected in class.  In addition to that, students are still working on their Personal Projects on Friday.  Those will be presented before we leave for Christmas break.

Eighth graders should return their Confirmation information sheets on Monday October 19th.  That is the last page in the red booklet.

Please let me know if you have any questions.