October 19 Preschool

This week was all about review, rhyming, tracing/free writing and letter recognition with the SIX letters we’ve learned Ss, Aa, Tt, Nn, Ii, and Pp.

Fun rhymes to keep sounding out and practicing:
at, pat, sat, hat, cat…
it, pit, sit, lit…
in, sin, pin, tin….
an, fan, man, tan…

We spent Friday talking about S for Science! We learned about Isaac Newton and gravity.  We talked all about different types of Scientists, but WE ARE ALL SCIENTIST in this Preschool room.

This week we will introduce the letter Gg.

G is for grapes, girls, giraffe, gumballs, and much more :).

Letter motion: Swirl your hand like water in a drain and say g,g,g,g,g.


Please keep practicing having your child take on and off their mask independently as we are trying to keep those free of anyone else’s germs.

Have a great week! Mrs. Van Wyck