Preschool E-Learning

Hello everyone, we hope you are staying safe and healthy!
We wanted to share some more resources to use the rest of this week and next week. If this E-learning process lasts longer than 2 weeks, we will send out another week’s worth of work at that time along with new resources.
Here you will find some worksheets and resources attached pertaining in particular to math and ELA.   You do not have to complete these but they are just extra resources for you to utilize if you choose, to help enrich this E-earning experience. The week 1 and week 2 E-Learning charts and accompanying completed work SHOULD still be completed and returned whether or not you use the extra resources attached. If you use some of these new resources, please just be sure you pick worksheets pertaining to your child’s age…remember, in our class, we have both 3 and 4 year old students. Some worksheets such as the addition ones are geared more towards the older students.

Below, you will also find some ideas for games you can adapt to play at home that we play in class throughout the school year. The preschoolers should be familiar with these games. There are also links to some fun things and useful websites to try, as well as online samples from our Michael Heggerty curriculum that we use in class. Please use any of these that you would like to and feel free to not use whichever ones you don’t like as well.
  1. Kaboom
  2. Roll and cover/color/build/draw games
    1. If you google roll and color games, you can print any type of roll and color/cover games like the one I attached or you can create your own roll and build/draw games such as draw a face for number 1, draw an arm for number 2, etc. It is okay if the child rolls four 2’s in a row and their person has 4 arms, part of the fun is how silly it turns out to be. OR you can build a tower and add one block for number 1 or take away a block for number 2, etc. Have fun with it.
  3. Letter Bag game
  4. Alphabet matching worksheets
  5. Lunch Doodles with Mo Williams (Elephant and Piggie author)
  6. Michael Heggerty sample lessons
  7.  Post-It Number Game
    1. Write numbers on a post-it and spread the post-its out on the wall. Roll a number on a dice or pick a flash card number. Have your child point or slap the number they selected.
When reading a book to your child, don’t forget to discuss it as you go. Ask your child what a character thinks, or why a character is sad, mad, etc, or what they think will happen next, etc. These types of higher level thinking questions are what really enrich and help develop their critical thinking skills.