Preschool October 13


This week we learned all about the letter Nn.

N is for night, noodle necklace, net and nest.

N Movement:  Students put out their arms like a plane and say nnnnnnnnn.  Very fun one!

The students loved making their very own “St Cletus Cardinal” nest. So cute!

We counted to nine and made nine paint dots on our N paper.

We wished Michael a very Happy Birthday this week!

We learned about N for Noah and his ark full of animals.

We had a fire drill with the LG Fire Department and the preschool (as well as the whole school) did a great job lining up and exiting the building swiftly and safely.

As always we attended virtually one St Cletus mass.  We practiced tracing/writing our names.

Next week will be a short week and we will be very busy. We will be reviewing all SIX of the letters we have learned so far – Ss, Aa, Tt, Ii, Pp, Nn.

We will continue letter tracing and recognition, letter sound and movement for all six letters  We will introduce “sounding out” some two and three letter words. With just our six letters, students can begin to blend phonemic sounds to form many words (it, sit, pit, at, sat, pat, nip, etc).


No school Monday October 12th.

As always–Students can bring small toys/blankies/small pillows.

Please have children refrain from climbing trees or playing on St. Cletus church property.

Have a great week! Mrs. Van Wyck