Preschool October 26

Last week we got back on track with focusing on a new letter– the letter Gg.

G is for grapes, girls, giraffe, gumballs, and much more :).

Letter motion: Swirl your hand like water in a drain and say g,g,g,g,g.

This week we will be moving into introducing our third VOWEL sound–Oo. This will again increase our potential for reading simple words with the letters we already know (S, P, T, I, A, N, G). We can start sounding out words like on, top, got, and pot.

Oo is for octopus, owl, ocean, and orange. We may just have to listen in to Olaf sing “In Summer” my absolute favorite song!

We will of course be having fun Friday Halloween activities! Students can wear their costumes. Just please make sure they can easily remove to go to the bathroom.

We do not have room parent, but if anyone would be willing to send in a Halloween craft or Halloween stickers/prizes that would be great! You can email me and let me know what you can send in


Please keep practicing having your child take on and off their mask independently as we are trying to keep those free of anyone else’s germs.

Have a great week! And thank you! Mrs. Van Wyck